We are proud and very excited to announce that Stephan Lichtsteiner, former captain of the Swiss National Football Team and player for FC Augsburg, is our brand ambassador!


Three Questions for Stephan Lichtsteiner

You are not only the brand ambassador for the Stealth Key, you’ve also invested in the company. Why did you choose UrbanAlps AG?

Today anyone can duplicate most keys with a smartphone and a cheap 3D printer. This renders most locks around the world unsafe – to call that a problem would be an understatement. UrbanAlps developed the safest mechanical key worldwide by hiding all security codes on the inside of the key – invisible to cameras or scanners. It’s called the Stealth Key. The solution is simple, elegant and it’s a tangible product. I like that. It’s a revolutionized version of an object each of us carries around every day: a key. I am also truly impressed with the team, with their expertise, their mindset, their innovative power and their disruptive product

Who are UrbanAlps’ competitors and what strengths does the startup have in going up against them?

The competitors are mostly 50 to 100 years old lock companies. The lock industry is a conservative industry that has been drilling holes into sheets of metal for centuries. And then there is the smartlock world, which is fiercely competitive. But adding layers upon layers of digital security is not what UrbanAlps is about. UrbanAlps is the only player that reinvented the simple mechanical key. And in doing so they are changing the way the key industry makes keys. The Stealh Key is made by 3D metal printing, which allows for remote and compact production sites close to the customer. This means that UrbanAlps can deliver high security keys to the customers locally, within as little as one day. This saves time, is much more convenient for our clients and is much better for our environment, because transportation distances are so much shorter. In addition to that 3D printing only uses the material that goes into the key and the rest the of the metal is reused in the next print. This results in less than 2% of material waste compared to 80% waste in classic key manufacturing! That’s impressive. So to answer your question in fewer words: It’s not what UrbanAlps can do better. They’re the only ones that are doing it in the first place and they do it very well!

Why do you recommend the Stealth Key?

If you run a company with multiple employees and each of them carries a key to your assets, you want those keys to be safe from duplication. As a family man you want to keep your loved ones safe. I never compromise on security – nobody should. The Stealth Key makes keys safe again!

Andreas Güntert from the Handelszeitung interviewed Stephan Lichtsteiner.
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Name: Stephan Lichtsteiner
Job Function: Former Professional football player, right defender for FC Augsburg; Captain of the Swiss National Football Team, Startup-Investor.
Age: 36
Family: Married with two children
Residence: Lake of Zurich Area
Education: Commercial apprenticeship at Credit Suisse

Main Station

Until June 2020: FC Augsburg
2018 to 2019: FC Arsenal
2011 to 2018: Juventus Turin
2008 to 2011: Lazio Rom
2005 to 2008: OSC Lille
2001 to 2005: Grasshopper Club Zürich (GC)

A Selection of Titles and Achievements

Swiss Champion with GC 2002/2003; seven times Italian Champion and two Champions League finals (2014/15 and 2016/17) with Juventus Turin.

Active for the Swiss national team in over 100 games, including three World Championships and two European Championships. Swiss Footballer of the Year 2015.

ON YouTube

In a short clip on YouTube, Stephan Lichtsteiner clearly shows why he relies on the secure Stealth Key for his business and private life.